Kavo changes Diagnodent Pen Design

by Larry Emmott on March 10, 2010

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HT John Fluke

The Diagnodent was the first digital caries detection system on the market and remains as one of the best. The 655nm diode laser measures caries fluorescence and gives the doctor and patients a digital readout and audible signal to indicate the depth and size of cavities. A few years ago, Kavo introduced the Diagnodent Pen which was much smaller and more portable than the “Classic” style that utilized a handpiece connected by a cord to the rest of the unit.

While the pen was easier to use and much easier to transport around the office, I always disliked the idea that the digital readout was facing the floor. This made getting the digital readings from the device more cumbersome and it also meant the patient couldn't see the readings at all.

To fix those problems, Kavo has created a remote display that mimics the readout of the pen. The devices communicate over an infrared signal that is “line of sight”. The new display was just shown at the Chicago Midwinter meeting and is available now.

via John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog: Kavo changes Diagnodent Pen Design.

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