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Keeping Your Machines Germ Free

virus1In Case you missed it: Dentalcompare from Jan.

There is more than one type of computer virus. In addition to malicious software, we also need to be aware of actual microbial viruses that dwell on the surfaces of our computers. Cleanliness and asepsis are important in the dental treatment area, so how do you keep the technology clean? …

…cleaning them can be tricky. You can’t just dip your Android in the cold sterile for five minutes, or at least you can’t do it more than once. Manufacturers warn against using cleaners, aerosols, ammonia and abrasives on your device.

…The Violife is just $50, looks like a countertop coffee grinder and works with smart phones but is too small for tablets. If you have one of these in the operatory, you could even offer to sterilize patient’s phones as an added service while they are in the chair. That not only provides a benefit but it gets the phone out of their hands while they are being treated.

via Emmott On Technology: Keeping Your Machines Germ Free |

As computers in the treatment areas have become ubiquitous and as more and more people bring tablets and such into the treatment areas we need some quick inexpensive and effective means to decontaminate the hardware.

In related news a recent study revealed that the dirtiest most infested keyboards belonged to lawyers. Hmmm.

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