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Key Word Strategy

As people have learned to use search engines like Google efficiently for finding information and for shopping they have developed effective search and key word strategies. If we understand these strategies we can better provide the information people are seeking. If we do that we have a better chance of demonstrating to them that we are a good choice for them as their dentist.

People shopping Google for anything including a new dentist search at three levels: Information, Shopping and Buying.

Information searching is usually a single word and the searcher is just getting general information. An information keyword is dentist.

Shopping searches have more detail. Usually two words or more and the searcher is looking for a service in their area that meets their needs. Shopping keywords are strings such as: “dentist Miami” or “children’s dentist”.

Buying is when the online shopper has finished his /her research and is ready to buy or in our case make an appointment. Buying keyword strings are longer and more specific such as: “dentist Miami whitening veneers” or “children’s dentist Syracuse sedation”.

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