Kindles don’t compare to books…Yeah But

From the LA times. I can relate, but…

I’ve never used a Kindle. I’ve seen them in an over-the-shoulder sort of way — the sleek tablet design, the portraits of Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf that materialize on the screen like the work of a divinely inspired Etch A Sketch. Part of the reason I’m wary of picking one up is that I don’t want to experience the inevitable lure,…

I love books for all the same reasons the author lists in the linked article. The thought of books and bookstores disappearing saddens me. Yet; I do almost all my reading on Kindle or the Kindle app on my smart phone. I am irritated if I book I am looking for on Amazon is not on Kindle, In fact I am unlikely to buy it if I must buy it in paper.

The sad fact is that many people never read and the average person reads about three books a year. I read three or four a month. Bookstores need people like me to survive and unfortunately they have already lost me.

via Kindles don’t compare to books – Los Angeles Times.

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