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Know Your Digital Multimedia Vernacular!

Kiss Those Cables Goodbye?
Know Your Digital Multimedia Vernacular!

HANA: The High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance A collaboration between content providers, service providers, and consumer electronics and technology companies to facilitate easier A/V networking over FireWire.

HDCP: High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection A form of digital rights management that encrypts data transmitted over compliant DVI and HDMI cabling to ensure content protection.

HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface A standard digital cable for transmitting multimedia content between devices. HDMI evolved from DVI and is backward-compatible with the video-only standard.

UWB: Ultra wideband A technology for transmitting data over the unlicensed spectrum of bandwidth above 3 GHz. UWB signals travel a very short distance but are capable of transmitting a great amount of data.

WHDI: Wireless High Definition Interface A proprietary technology for wirelessly transmitting uncompressed video signals in the 5-GHz band. Created by the Israel-based company Amimon.
WiMedia Alliance An organization dedicated to UWB connectivity solutions. The group develops standards for transmitting multimedia data wirelessly.

WirelessHD A specification under development for a digital interface that will transmit uncompressed multimedia data wirelessly among devices. The WirelessHD signal uses the unlicensed 60-GHz frequency.

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