Kodak Redefined

One of the first booths I visited was Kodak. As you prpbably know the Kodak dental products are now owned by a different company. This booth was representing Kodak consumer brands. For many many years Kodak’s success was based on film sales. The company has found its core business gone and if Kodak can survive they will need to establish a completely new product line.

At CES I saw several Kodak prodicts which were not around just a year ago. Most of them are a derivative of image technology. For example there was a Kodak printer and all the extras. There were digital photo frames, as well as gear bags, memory chips batteries and of course cameras.

The problem may be that none of these new products are consumables like film. Film can only be used once then must be replaced; that guarentees continuing purchases. Plus Kodak is competing with very succesful brands like HP that already have well established products.