Larry’s 2010 Predictions

by Larry Emmott on January 7, 2010

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bluskyThe start of a new year seems to bring out future predictions. I have linked to many general high tech predictions but have yet to stick my neck out with my own personal predictions. So with all the usual caveats about how I am probably wrong here are Larry’s predictions for high tech and dentistry in 2010.

Combining Cone Beam CT, 3D imaging (Like a CAD-CAM) and digital photography we will see the first virtual patient. That is a 3D computerized image of the patient’s hard and soft tissue from lips to gums to teeth to bone.

One of the major players in dental management software will open the system and allow, in fact encourage, third party software designers to provide add on applications. Kind of like what Apple did with iPhone apps. As a result this open system will become the primary practice management system of choice. It will have a market advantage that no other product will be able to match.

As an aside, I do think this could happen but even more significantly I think it should happen.

Web services will gain in popularity. As dentists learn to trust the web and more and more practice data is stored in a digital fashion these services will become mainstream. Web services also allow dentists to do more, manage better and keep costs down.

Apple will introduce a cool new product.

There will be a push to implement Tablet Computers in the treatment rooms. However, very few dental offices will use them.

There will be a lot of talk and a lot of money thrown about but at the end of the year there still will be no generally accepted digital medical record.

We will continue to be faced with rapid change and we will continue to be frustrated trying to implement it.

But the most sure fire prediction of all: The Future is Coming and it will be Amazing!

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