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Several vendors introduced new Diode soft tissue lasers at the Chicago midwinter meeting. The coolest looking was the ezlase from Biolase. It looks like a big video iPod. I have been a BIG fan of diodes for many years and use mine Ezlase

everyday. I highly recommend you look into a diode for your practice. Prices have come down and quality is up.

Welcome to Biolase Technology, Inc.

The new ezlase diode laser includes numerous benefits aimed at providing cleaner cutting and faster hemostasis, with excellent absorption in hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin. Features include easy-to-use procedure-based presets accessed via an iPod®-like navigation wheel or color touch screen, ultralight fiber and handpiece, innovative low-cost disposable tips, infinite pulse combinations which deliver laser energy by dose, and wireless Bluetooth® foot pedal.

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