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Microsoft Office Live Hit by Access Issues

The PC Magazine  article linked below says small business users are having “issues” with Office cloud features. I’ll say; “issues” does not begin to describe my experience which was poor to crummy to just didn’t work. I gave up and went to Google.

 Just to be complete and clear and finish my rant. I waited to buy a new Windows phone just so I could be assured of seamless integration with all my other Windows products. After days of frustration and numerous trips to the phone store, the Microsoft store, online support and countless web help manuals I realized it just does not work. Period. Grrrr

I returned the Windows phone got an Android used Google to link and sync and have lived happily ever after.

Buckle up, because there’s turbulence in the cloud. With its transition to Office 365, Microsoft has said that its soon-to-be-grounded Office Live service has struggled with access for its small business customers.

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