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The Stories we Tell

It has been a while since I linked to Lioness Katherine Eitel. The link below is from her weekly e-letter and reminds us of an important truth. Self talk shapes our attitudes. This truth holds for high tech changes just as much as it does for the important issues Katherine outlines in her message. For example:

Negative “The economy scares me, I can’t afford to upgrade my technology this year and besides my staff would never go for it.”

Positive “The economy scares me, I need to invest in the right technology to free my staff to do amazing things  faster and increse my bottom line during difficult times.”

We decide what is true and create a story about it. Worse yet, we continually repeat that story to ourselves and others… and it grows and solidifies in our psyche, making it an unshakeable truth to us.

via Monday Morning Stretch.

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