Monitors in the Treatment Rooms

by Larry Emmott on June 2, 2016

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In a dental treatment room space is a valuable commodity. If you set your keyboard at the edge of the counter and your monitor behind your keyboard, your actual usable workspace for dentistry has been greatly reduced. When you add a second patient monitor it is usually impractical to use another cart or cabinet for your monitor, computer or keyboard. Every square inch of your floor and desk space is accounted for. You need a monitor and keyboard mounting system that will leave your counter and floor untouched. By using adjustable mounts and arms you can have your computer components conveniently located and have the ability to move them up and out of the way when not in use.

With an adjustable monitor arm the patient no longer has to be moved to see the screen because the screen can be moved to where the patient can see it.


The following are some things to keep in mind when looking for a mounting system:

Adaptability: What you need now may change in the future. Find a system that is designed with this in mind. Ask yourself (or the vendor) “How easy will it be to add a feature┬áto this monitor arm in the future? Will I have to buy a completely new system or can I upgrade this one?”

Adjustability: The monitor arm should be able to be adjusted easily by the people who will use it every day? Can your dental assistant easily adjust the height of this monitor stand? What is the farthest point the arm will need to reach? Will this arm reach where I need it to? Is the mounting system stable? Will it stay where it is placed or does it drift after a while?

Compatibility: There are compatibility standards set forth by VESA, the Video Electronics Standard Association, that determine how your monitor can be mounted. Be sure to find a mounting system that has a mounting interface that meets VESA standards and a flat panel monitor that is VESA compliant. Also keep in mind the weight of the equipment you intend to mount and make sure the mounting system has a weight capacity to meet your requirements.

Access: There is more to positioning the mount than just finding the right spot. The mounting surface must be strong enough to support the equipment. That may mean some wood backing especially in the ceiling. The monitor will also need power and cable access. Cables and cords can be internal (within the arm) or external.

Monitor mounts and arms are designed to attach to various surfaces. They can come down from the ceiling, off the top of a cabinet, up from a counter, over from the wall or around the light pole. Any configuration can work; what is best for your office will depend on the room size cabinetry and dental equipment. And of course the budget.

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