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More from the ADA – Care Credit

Care Credit is a company I have used and endorsed happily for many years. The reason is that they do what they say they are going to do and it has helped my practice and my patients.

At the ADA they showed us a new suite of tools the practice can use to enhance the experience of using Care Credit. These tools were available in different formats but are now bundled together in a single place that can be easily accessed from the desktop.

For example, there is a great little calculatoer that will not only show the patient what their paymets could be with the various care credit plans but also shows other options like a pre-payment coutesy reduction or a credit card.

They also showed us a very cool tool to create a real financial policy and payment agreement form. These were developed to keep dentists out of needless legal hassles which have been arising from imprecise financial policies.

more later.