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More MAC PC and Widows 7

Some interesting thoughts from Michael Malone at re: future tech, benefits from hi tech,  MAC vs. PC. and feeling sorry for the PC guy. This from the comments essentially states my view.

“…fact that most people don’t choose between Mac and PC, but between the various manufactures of PC’s and notebooks etc. in that scenario, known as basic reality, the machines running windows OS are cheaper and have everything most people require. Most of the people I know that use Mac’s spend their time using mac-enabled Microsoft programs anyway. besides people with some pretty specific graphics needs, a Mac is a waste of money.”

Now, let’s all agree that the suck factor in Windows has always been greater than in the Apple OS, in some generations more than others – trust me, I’m writing this on Vista. That said, for a company that has been winning the computer war for nearly a decade now, doesn’t Apple seem awfully small and petty in this ad? Is it so worried about Windows that it is reduced to asking the audience to accept the logic that, despite all of the good recent reviews the new operating system has earned, it can’t possibly be any good precisely because it is Windows?

via » An Autumn Cornucopia.

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