More on Change : The Chasm

Visit this site here :Structured Approaches to Managing Change – for the details. See the core concepts item below as well.

Moore’s Crossing the Chasm
A common model for characterizing the classes of people involved with technology adoption is that they can be listed as innovators (techies), early adopters (visionaries), early majority (pragmatists), late majority (conservatives), and laggards (skeptics) (see Figure 1). Moore extends this by identifying a “chasm” that separates early adopters and the early majority; a gap between two fundamentally separate phases in the development of a high-tech market [2]. The early phase builds from a few, highly visible, visionary customers, but transitioning to the mainstream phase, where the buying decisions fall predominantly to pragmatists, is a major challenge. The key to Moore’s insight is characterizing the differences between these communities and how to proactively deal with them.


The chasm is what separates the leading edge from the bleeding edge. Right now I believe that computers in the treatment rooms have passed the chasm and the pragmatists are moving forward very rapidly. Another way to think of the chasm is the tipping point. If the chasm is crossed the tipping point is reached and very rapid growth results.

On the other hand I feel that the chasm has been a huge block in the adaptation of digital radiography. The innovators and early adaptors have long since adopted digital radiography. But the main stream has been very slow to move.

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