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Nanotubes Help Implants Heal Faster

Dental-ImplantFrom Dr. Bicuspid (registration required)

Researchers at Michigan Technological University (MTU) are using nanotechnology to improve the form and function of dental implants…This material can help battle infection, improve healing, and help dental implants last a lifetime, according to the researchers…

…”What we’re developing is a surface that’s inexpensive and easy to make and which can speed healing in so many ways,” she said. “It can fight infection by adding antimicrobial silver and reduce inflammation by adding sodium naproxen. It’s also likely that we could promote healing even more by incorporating a growth factor into the TiO2 nanotubes.”

via Dental Restorations and Restorative Materials.

Still at the basic research stage but it looks very promising. I do not really understand nano technology and am constantly amazed by what it can do.

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