Neuromuscular Dentistry: What is it?

If you have been hearing about so called Neuromuscular Dentistry look here: Neuromuscular  Dentistry for a complete description. A sample is posted below.

Myotronics was founded as a result of the decades long work of the late Dr. Bernard Jankelson, a noted prosthodontist. Early in his practice, Dr. Jankelson recognized that purely mechanical concepts he had learned in his dental training sometimes worked, but often did not. He began a study of the muscular and physiological aspects of the orofacial area and their impact on occlusion, mandibular function and patient health. First at the biomedical engineering department of the University of Washington and then with the aid of an electrical engineer employed in his private practice, he developed modern instrumentation for evaluation and documentation of occlusal parameters not possible with mechanical articulators and clutches.

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