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Dental Products Report (DPR) has a new web site just in time to celebrate 40 years of business. I have been writing for DPR since 2001. Below is an except from an short bit I wrote about the changes in the last 40 years. Click the link for a lot more.

Dr. Larry Emmott is an authority on dental technology, a practicing general dentist in Phoenix, and DPR’s high-tech columnist—he’s been writing “Emmott on Technology” since January 2001.

Q: What would you consider the most dramatic changes in the everyday practice of dentistry in the last 40 years, as it relates to high-tech dentistry?

A: It”s not one thing; it is the whole universe of digital technology. It took me a while but when I finally “got it,” I realized that what made all this computer stuff so great was not one component or one application—it was the integration of all the parts that made it so powerful. It is what Bill Gates called, “the Digital Nervous System.”

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