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New G2 Features

From the Dentrix Blog new features of the next version code named G2 for Generation 2. Kinda’ like Star Trek “Next Generation”

The Chart and Treatment Planner have had a complete makeover! These modules have a complete new interface and take advantage of the latest in programming technology—giving you control over customization and layout. Some of the new features to look for include the following:

New Charting Capabilities

Completely updated and renovated DENTRIX Chart including movable teeth, multi-select capabilities, customizable procedure buttons, multiple mouth views (arch, quadrant, Left/Right), and much, much more…
New, Next-Generation 3D modeling extensions to the DENTRIX Chart providing more realistic representations of the mouth for improved treatment case acceptance
Customizable Procedure Buttons
Tighter integration with Dentrix Image

Enhanced Treatment Planning

Updated Treatment Planning and Plan Presenter
Support for creating and storing multiple treatment plans per patient
Ability to track and report against treatment plans, including

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