New milling chamber from Cerec

Another new product on display in Chicago was the new milling chamber introduced a few weeks ago by Cerec. Check the link below for more details.

Sirona – The Dental Company – News – Press

MC XL Milling Machine
The MC XL mills a quality, precisely fitted restoration in just 4 to 12 minutes, approximately twice as fast as the current CEREC milling unit. MC XL enhances the level of precision and accuracy of CEREC, creating restorations that satisfy even the most critical requirements of dentists.  The new milling unit has an easy-to-read, intuitive display, a large milling door for easy access to the milling chamber and automatic block placement. These enhanced capabilities should result in even higher efficiency and profitability for dentists than the current system enables.
The original CEREC 3 milling unit continues to be an option for dentists with lower production requirements. Both the MC XL and the original milling unit are compatible with all CEREC 3 units, allowing a smooth transition to the new technology for existing CEREC owners who wish to upgrade.

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