News from PC Magazine: Windows Vista

News from PC Magazine: Windows Vista

As of this morning, the “Longhorn” version of Windows has a new name–Windows Vista. In addition, Microsoft announced a formal date for the first beta: August 3.


Neil Charney, Dir of Product Management in the Windows Client Group, says the name is meant to convey that the new version was “about providing clarity to your world and giving focus to the things that are important to you.” He said it “provides your view of the world” and puts the user in control.
“We’ve seen an explosion of information and data, more choices. The challenge is how to find the information I’m interested in,” he said. “Having that clarity, that view, that vista in front of you is really important.”
Charney stated that the first beta is targeted at developers and IT professionals. It will be available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers then. A later version, called Beta 2, will target end-users.

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