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by Larry Emmott on November 11, 2009

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features_spaceI have had a Kindle since March and I like it a lot. I read constantly and I am using Kindle every day. The new e-book buzz is all about the nook from Barnes & Noble. I have no idea which e-reader is better but I am pretty sure we will be seeing another all out format war like VHS vs. Beta;  Apple vs. MAC; or more recently HD vs. Blu Ray. That means that a large group of early adaptor users will eventually be left with an expensive out of date device and will need to start all over again. It would be sooo nice if the manufacturers could get together and decide on a standard e-book format now so we could access any e-book from any vendor to use with any reader.

BTW there is a dental connection to this rant. We are seeing more and more amazing high tech devices come to the dental office and most of the time they are incompatible with each other. For example I can capture a digital impression with Cerec, iTero, Lava COS or E4D but I can not use that digital impression with any other system than the one I captured it with.

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