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More wisdom from Seth Godin:

When someone is frequently naysaying a proposal or a situation, it’s tempting to figure out how to make them happy. What can you change to find a compromise, how can you listen to their objections and respond in a way to gain their approval?

It might be, though, that being oppositional is making them happy. It may be that the best way to satisfy their objections is to let them keep objecting.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Oppositional

When we introduce new digital technology some staff members will inevitably complain. It is important to listen to the naysayers but do not be tempted to try a quick fix in order to get their approval. If your goal is to go paperless that will not change, you might change the timing or the specific protocols but the end goal never changes.

You may also want to consider the possibility the complainers just enjoy complaining.

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