Oral Health Care System: A State-by-State Analysis

A great new resource from the ADA:

The ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) has prepared at-a-glance reports on an array of oral health indicators for each state and the District of Columbia. Topics for each include dental care utilization, oral health status, attitudes and oral health knowledge, fluoridation rates, reimbursement rates to providers, dentist to population ratios, and percentage of dentists who participate in Medicaid. Related resources:

Source: Oral Health Care System

This is a sample using California as the example:

California’s Oral Health Care System

Can’t see the infographic? Download it here:

Download a PDF of the infographic.

California’s Oral Health Care System,” an infographic from the ADA Health Policy Institute. Looking for information about oral health systems in the U.S.? View the HPI’s Oral Health Care System site.

ADA Health Policy Institute

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