Paging Dr. Luddite

Interesting article from the Atlantic. The article brings up three points I have observed.

  1. Technology is rapidly improving our ability to diagnose and treat diseases in ways we could never have imagined a generation ago. These technologies will improve outcomes and reduce costs.
  2. The most significant obstacle holding back the adoption of technology is people’s habits and beliefs.
  3. There are many powerful groups with lots of money at stake in the health care and electronic records world and the turf battles between these groups are a primary barrier to acceptance of technology and electronic records.

…their plans have foundered in part because building a comprehensive system that can interact with so many different providers, from acupuncturists to pharmacists to heart surgeons, is hard. They have also often met fierce resistance from all the groups that are part of the current system: patients concerned about privacy; doctors concerned about autonomy; people at every level of the system concerned about expense. Building better computers, it turns out, is the easy part. You also have to change human behavior—and human beings are often quite happy the way they are.

via Paging Dr. Luddite – Magazine – The Atlantic.

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