Paper or ???

I have been facing a quandary. I wrote a book (or a guide) for dentists on how to go paperless. I can distribute the book electronically (paperlessly) here. Which given the topic seems appropriate. Yet many offices still want a paper copy. I can make paper copies..but it is more expensive, takes longer and kills trees. Those are the same issues with paper dental records.

An electronic copy can be accessed instantly when you buy the book, no waiting weeks for arrival. You can store copies on several computers for easy access in different locations. You can print as many copies as you want for the dentist and staff.

On the other hand I fully understand that many people still want the feel of the hard copy book and perceive it has more value than an electronic book. What to do?

I still feel there is great value in providing a paperless electronic book. However if you really want a hard copy I can create those and mail them out. Just let me know.