Paperless?? Scan It

The world keeps sending me paper. I get paper from insurance companies. I get paper from specialists, I get paper form dental labs, I get paper from other dentists. I get paper from finance companies. How the heck can I have a paperless office if the world keeps sending me paper?

The answer is scan it and shred it.

The scanner allows you to digitize paper documents and then attach the documents such as patient letters, EOBs, and referral letters to the patient’s digital record. Here is how we do it in our office. When some paper arrives that should be kept in the patient record such as a follow up letter from a specialist, Laci, my office administrator opens the letter, puts it on the scanner and within seconds the letter is copied into the patient record. The original paper is then shredded.  We can use this method to scan and capture x-rays and photos as well as forms and letters.

ATTENTION: Based on my experience I know right now some of the practice administrators reading this are saying to themselves, “Oh great another thing for me to do. Scan all the letters. I don’t have time for all this!” Calm down, think it through. What are you doing now with all the letters and EOBs? You open the envelope, glance through  the letter, go to the file room, find the proper chart and insert the letter. That will actually take more time than scanning into the Document Center. But there is more. When the doctor needs to read the letter he or she asks for the chart and again you need to get up and search it out then take it where it is needed. The fact is scanning documents will not take more time it will save time, lots of time.

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