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I just saw this. It looks like a complicated system. I haven’t tried it but there are several computerized communication systems like Blue Note and Smoke Signals already available. This product adds the ability to actually follow a patient through the office and even see how much time they spend in each area.   (Like the waiting room!!)

PatientTracker: It?s Everywhere You Need To Be
With PatientTracker your entire staff can visually track patients throughout any operatory in your office or clinic, page any required health care professional, and much more.

The Main Screen
The Main Screen is the nerve center of PatientTracker ? the screen you see in every operatory that guides you through your busy day. It can be broken down into four sections:

Waiting Room
The moment a patient registers at reception, the clock starts ticking in your virtual Waiting Room.

Each patient is represented by a progress bar. What?s more, an unlimited number of patients are sorted by longest wait (at the top) to shortest (on the bottom). This makes it convenient to see who most urgently needs assistance.

As a helpful option, each patient can be associated with a specific health care professional, under First Assistant. Should a patient require the attention of multiple individuals, this area allows each health care professional to see who is currently attending to that patient.

This system looks like it would be most useful in a high volume office like a pedodontist or an insurance clinic with multiple doctors.

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