PCmover Upgrade Assistant Windows XP to 7

I used an earlier version of PCmover when I upgraded my home/office computer. I was generally very pleased and have recomended it and used it now for several years. My personal up grade was using Windows XP on both machines.

On the other hand I have been advising people not to try and upgrade from Windows XP to the new Windows 7. That process is not supported by Microsoft and has many potential issues. (Like having to re-install all your applications, settings and documents.)

However according to Laplink their newest PCmover product will allow you to make the upgrade and keep all your files and applications. If it works as advertized this would be a slick soution for selected machines. On the other hand in many cases you will still be better off just getting a whole new machine pre-configured with Windows 7.

Upgrading your PC to Windows 7? Only 14 of the 66 upgrade scenarios detailed by Microsoft are supported by Windows 7 – and upgrading from XP to Windows 7 is not supported.

That’s why we created the Upgrade Assistant edition of PCmover. It helps you upgrade quickly and easily from any version of Windows (version 2000 or later) to Windows 7.

If you want to upgrade your computer from XP to Windows 7 and not lose all your files and programs, you need PCmover.

via Laplink® Software – PCmover Upgrade Assistant – Migrate Computer Programs, Files and Settings.

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