This could be the most revolutionary new technology at CES in 2009. The technology allows for a direct transfer of power without wires.

The first product is a simple mat that can be used to charge all the mobile devices we use, such as phone, ipods and even laptops. However the really amazing idea is that this same energy transfer process could be used to replace power outlets in the walls or on counters. You would simply need to position an appliance over the induction source and the power would flow from the counter to the appliance.

If the science is interesting to you you can follow the link to the website below.

Based on principles of magnetic induction, Powermat technology renders traditional conductive charging technology obsolete, in favor of an entirely new energy distribution process. Using a shared magnetic field, Powermat technology transmits electrical power via an ultra-thin mat embedded in, or overlaid on, any surface or wall to any enabled electronic device placed on it.

Powermat technology is a scalable solution that can be incorporated into surfaces such as walls, tables and desks. No more searching for an electrical outlet – Powermat technology will revolutionize the way we use power.

Powermat | Powermat Technology.