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Prehistoric ‘Aspirin’ Found in Sick Neanderthal’s Teeth

Evidence of pain-killers is just one intriguing detail pulled from a closer look at the DNA in ancient tooth plaque.

Source: Prehistoric ‘Aspirin’ Found in Sick Neanderthal’s Teeth

Very interesting. This is obviously dental but the opposite of future tech in fact it is prehistoric tech.

It is fashionable to proclaim that dental disease is a product of modern living and that primitive more natural populations do not have dental disease. However this fossil from 100,00 years ago shows obvious periodontal disease. Look at the bone loss on #30. The main point of the article is that the scientists were able to detect bacteria in dental calculus as well as the use of poplarĀ a primitive form of aspirin this Neanderthal was supposedly using to ease his toothache.

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