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Presenting Ideal Dental Treatment

We would all like to believe that humans make decisions based on facts and logic. If we just educate people about what they need, they will do it. Of course it doesn’t work that way at all. If education and telling worked, everyone would floss, no one would smoke and we’d all be at our ideal weight.

The fact is that in order to have people accept our recommendations we need to communicate effectively and engage people emotionally. Digital technology, which includes photos, x-rays, video, patient education and even the Internet allows us to do that faster and better.

Some dentists look down on case presentation skills as being “just sales” and some how not professional. They tell themselves that all it takes to be a good dentist is clinical judgement and perfect margins.

However if a patient refuses proper care and looses teeth as a result that is a failure just as surely as an open margin or misdiagnosis. Case acceptance matters.

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