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Are Driverless Cars like Paperless Records?

driverles carFrom National Review:

Reactions came in three main modes: terror, in the case of traditional automobile manufacturers; gee-whiz enthusiasm among nerds such as yours truly; and, most important, withering criticism from assorted design and automotive critics, who denounced the vehicles’ 1998-iMac-on-wheels aesthetic as too cute

via Race On, for Driverless Cars | National Review Online.

The linked article is about new technology adoption and the politics that often gets involved with change. There is no direct dental connection however the issues Kevin Williamson discusses with driverless cars are issues we face with new technology in dentistry and medicine. New technologies like Paperless Records or Digital Impressions.  Some of the issues are:

  • Consumer driven free markets drive innovation and change. Even the product that doesn’t quite make it improves the overall condition.
  • The final adaptation of a new technology may not be what the developers first envisioned.
  • Incumbent interest groups will fight the change and will enlist government to protect their interests.
  • Existing infrastructure can frustrate change.

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