Reolutions for 2006

It’s that time of the year. In case you need some help, following are seven new years resolutions you need to consider for 2006

  1. Education and Training: Resolve to learn about something you may not know much about but you know it will help you be a better dentist. Like maybe using computer technology in the office. If that doesn’t work for you maybe learn about non metal restorations or using a diode laser.
  2. Learn a new software application: This does not have to be dental. Learn how to use Word, or Excel or Quick Books or PhotoShop or Dreamweaver.
  3. Treatment room Network: If you don’t have it yet make 2006 the year you put computers in the treatment rooms.
  4. Add one major office function to the computer: This could be just about anything for example, charting work to be done, creating all progress notes in the computer chart instead of on paper, digital radiographs, online financing, e-calls. It is so easy to just get by with the status quo make a resolution just to do one thing then hopefully others will follow.
  5. Back up and Security: Review and update your security systems as needed. That means network wide antivirus, with frequent updates, a network firewall, updated passwords and redundant off site backup of all critical data.
  6. Check this blog several times a week! This should be self evident.
  7. Loose weight: Why not it’s on everyones list anyway.

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