Resistance to Change

The following is an excerpt from an article by A.J. Schuler, Psy.D. The full article can be found here:

All ten of these reasons play significanrt roles in how we adopt change, including of course high tech change, in the dental office.

Top Ten Reasons People Resist Change:

1. The risk of change is seen as greater than the risk of standing still

…..people will only take active steps toward the unknown if they genuinely believe – and perhaps more importantly, feel – that the risks of standing still are greater than those of moving forward in a new direction….

2. People feel connected to other people who are identified with the old way

3. People have no role models for the new activity

4. People fear they lack the competence to change

5. People feel overloaded and overwhelmed

6. People have a healthy skepticism and want to be sure new ideas are sound

7. People fear hidden agendas among would-be reformers

8. People feel the proposed change threatens their notions of themselves

9. People anticipate a loss of status or quality of life

10. People genuinely believe that the proposed change is a bad idea

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