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Resolved: The Average Worker Is Being Left Behind by Technology

The linked article is an interesting report from the venerable Oxford Union debating society.

“Technology revolutions always arrive slower than predicted, but quicker than we are prepared for.” In other words, we are always shocked when a revolutionary new technology like the personal computer or the Internet or smartphones or social networks arrives on the scene.

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The premise is certainly interesting. Are we creating a society of haves and have nots when it comes to technology? Will the technology illiterates degenerate into a Hobbsian world that is nasty, brutish and short?

I certainly see a wide range of technological acceptance in dentistry. Although I believe the technologically savvy have an advantage I don’t think the others are doomed. On the other hand we see stark examples of how technology helps the practice while at the same time it eliminates workers. CAD CAM and lab techs being an obvious example.

My personal belief is that despite centuries of doom and gloom predictions the life of the average person just keeps getting better. Our current rapid expansion of technology will leave some behind but the vast majority will benefit.

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