Sally Says

The following is from the latest Sally McKenzie e-mail newsletter. I agree with her. In fact what she is suggesting is exactly what we help dentists with when we consult. Details are here.

When purchasing new technology follow a strategy for success, starting SallyMckwith careful research and planning. Think about your technology vision for the practice. How do you want to use technology? How do you want your patients to benefit from technology? Next conduct a technology inventory. Examine what you have in hardware, software, and networking capabilities. Then establish your priorities, which technology do you want to add or integrate first. How do you plan to pay for it? The cost of technology has come down considerably, but it remains a significant investment for virtually any practice. Don’t try to do it all at once.

Next, evaluate which companies you will consider for your technology needs. Do your homework. In many cases, you’re entering a long-term relationship with a company. You want to know how they handle questions, concerns, problems, staff/doctor training. How long have they been around and what’s their reputation. Talk to your colleagues. What are other dental teams saying about the technology and the company they purchased it from?

Determine how your practice will integrate the new equipment. What steps will you have to take to ensure the integration is smooth? How much staff/doctor training will be required to ensure success? Involve your staff. What are their concerns, insights, and perspectives on how best to implement it? It’s essential that staff understand the benefits of integrating the new technology and, if possible, have some ownership in the process.


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