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SmileOver- Online Virtual Smile Makeovers

This looks amazing. Follow the link to get the whole story.

SmileOver is an innovative, thoroughly structured marketing program designed to bring cosmetic clients to you. SmileOver makes cosmetic dentistry accessible to everyone by bringing it into the homes, cell phones and laptops of people the world over.
The fact is, most people would love to see what they could look like with a cosmetic dental makeover, but few are willing to go through the hassle and stress of visiting a dental office for it. SmileOver makes this possible. Clients submit a photo, SmileOver creates the virtual smile makeover, and they are emailed the “before and after” photos all via the Internet and in the comfort of their own homes. You, in turn, receive their contact information and copies of their “before and after” photos

SmileOver- Online Virtual Smile Makeovers.