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Solea Laser

soleaI spent the day with Mike Cataldo the CEO of Convergent dental and David Fantarella, DMD a high tech laser dentist, practicing in North Haven CT. Dr. Fantarella is a beta tester for the Solea hard tissue CO2 laser. He demonstrated it for me on a couple of fillings and a soft tissue crown exposure. Very impressive.

From the dentist’s perspective it was relatively easy to use and seemed to cut, or more accurately ablate, the tooth just as fast as a traditional high speed handpiece. It cut both enamel and dentin easily.

From the patient perspective it was essentially painless with no anesthesia, no vibration and no noise. The patients much preferred the laser to the conventional dental “drill”

One of the reasons it works so well is that the laser beam is controlled by computerized galvos mirrors that direct the beam size and the frequency of contact with the tooth. It also uses a foot control just like we use now to control the power.The result is more energy delivered to the tooth without creating excessive heat or causing pain. You can think of it as the first digitally enhanced tooth preparation system.

My experience is limited, but so far I have to say Solea seems to be in a class by itself and has the potential to revolutionize the profession just like the high speed turbine did in the last century.

Solea has finished testing and is available now for purchase.

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