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Speding Money in Uncertain Times

If you do not have an office network with computers in the treatment rooms, do it now. An office network is a crucial step in developing a truly high tech office. For the network to be successful you must also be using an established clinically based fully integrated practice management software, like Dentrix, PracticeWorks or EagleSoft.

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Good management software                                        $8,000  (if you don’t already have it)

Network, switch, wiring, software and setup                $4,000

Treatment room computers (4)                                    $7,200

Server, with back up                                                   $3,500

Front desk (2)                                                             $1,700

Training                                                                       $1,000

Total                                                                            $25,400


ROI: Assuming a practice with a $500,000 gross according to industry experts the practice could save as much as $53,000 in the first year with computers in the treatment rooms.

2 replies on “Speding Money in Uncertain Times”

sounds logical.
the problem i think is that most ofices have some kind of “working” computer system which is usually between 2 and 7 years old and that it is difficult to convince someone (especially if the person like most dentists is a bit techno phobic) to spend a large amount of money on something he/she can’t see the direct benefit from (even is really does make sense o update to an actual version of the practice software doesn’t matter which one).

You are right. Of course that is my mission to help dentists see the value in technology. Part of the issue as you say is that the office may already have some technology but often they do not use it effectively.

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