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SSDs and Sneakernets: Flash Memory’s New Role

Read the article quoted below. It is a look at the newest innovations in flash memery and where we will be using it and how. For example using a direct wifi connection instead of taking it from a camera to a reader. That would have a direct use in the dental office.

Today’s flash drives max out at 128 gigs, but using these processes, SanDisk believes it will deliver up to 500 gigs—and maybe even more.
The other thing that came out loud and clear is that flash drives (that’s solid-state drives, or SSDs) will become ubiquitous in products like laptop computers. Today, almost all laptops sport hard drives, and that won’t change anytime soon. In fact, I believe that they will always be an important option. But if flash drives ride the cost curve down and become yet more affordable, they could become a very important storage medium for portable computing.

SSDs and Sneakernets: Flash Memory’s New Role – Columns by PC Magazine.