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Dentists know that an enlarged view of the operative field enables both higher quality and faster treatment. Most have recognized and are now familiar with the advantages of using a stereoscopic microscope for applications where loupes do not provide sufficient magnification.
A stereo microscope allows you to judge depth and vary the level of magnification to the task at hand. Unfortunately, it also affects the way you work because it is required to be between you and the patient, limiting your field of view and limiting your choice of postures.
To address these issues, StereoImaging has developed the DentiMag3D™. Using our proprietary stereoscopic digital camera technology, we have developed a stereo video zoom microscope for use in dental surgery and procedures. The DentiMag3D™ is ideal for sharing the image with multiple users, students, or the patient, where everyone has depth perception! The DentiMag3D™ does not attach to your current optical microscope, but provides a complete and comprehensive replacement for it, upgrading your surgical suite to a fully digital environment.

StereoImaging Corporation.

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