Tech Myths

Confused1My data is safe because we make a backup tape every night:

There are two problems with this. First, if you are counting on a human to do it, that is set up the backup and take the tape away, you have the issue of human error. People just forget or do it improperly.

More significantly you cannot be sure your data is actually on the tape in a useable form if you do not check. The only way to be sure is to verify the back up and run a test of the restore function.

If you use an online service they do this as part of the service (in theory). However since this is such an important issue you may want to double the check the online service now and then.

I need to scan all my old patient charts in order to have “paperless” records:

Scanning in old paper records is a huge time consuming and expensive task that provides almost no value. Don’t do it.

If you need to review a portion of the record that is on paper just go get it when you need it. You will find you do not need the old records nearly as much as you think you do. When you first “go paperless” you will be pulling several charts a day for review however this will quickly diminish so that after a six month re-call cycle you will rarely be pulling the old charts. However you keep them as an archive.

I need a digital x-ray sensor in every room:

Think of the sensor as a digital version of a film processor. If you can manage a dental office with one dark room and film processor you can manage a dental office with one sensor.

Macs don’t get viruses:

Mac cultists still believe this but it just is not true. It is true that there are a lot more PC viruses because there are a lot more PC users. However there is Mac malware and you do need to protect yourself.

More bars means better service:

More bars mean a stronger signal. However if you are in the middle of downtown Chicago and twenty thousand other people are trying to use the same tower as you the service will be lousy no matter how many bars you have.

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