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Tech Upgrades Just Aren’t That Great Anymore

From Bloomberg View:

This week, after four and a half years of faithful service, I finally replaced my old laptop. I will not bore you with the litany of troubles that led to this decision. The only interesting thing about my decision to replace my old 15-inch Macbook Pro is what I chose to replace it with: a nearly identical Macbook, about four years newer. But not quite the newest model. For the first time in my life, I decided to sit out an upgrade cycle and buy the older model, now being sold at a discount like day-old bread.

Source: Tech Upgrades Just Aren’t That Great Anymore – Bloomberg View

For many years I have advised dentists to upgrade their hardware every 3-4 years. As the linked article points out that may no longer be necessary.

The reasons upgrades were important and worth the expense was that newer computers were vastly better than the models from 3 years ago. The operating systems were better and more stable. The newest software versions needed the most up to date machines in order to function efficiently. Security features were much better. All of that still applies but the time frame has been stretched.

Power features in the newest machines may be essential for big time gamers but not so big a deal for a typical dental office. It is probably safe to say most dentists can stretch the replacement cycle to five years on certain machines.

On the other hand if you are moving into the world of 3D then you will need newer more powerful machines.

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Upgrading in less than five years is essentially a waste. If you look at major corporations, they are always one operating system behind, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Also the testing phase for a new OS takes months. You have to be sure every application will work with the upgrade.

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