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For several years I have been fantasizing about using a wearable computer in the dental office. We aren’t there yet but we do have two way radios with ear buds, artificial eyes, (surgical loupes) and we carry around a tablet PC connected to a wireless network. Scottevest (SeV) has pioneered the idea of technology enabled clothing. Following is one example a high tech sports coat. So far there is no clothing specifically for dentistry but the idea is fascinating.

TEC Sport Jacket
The TEC Sport Jacket is the epitome of functional fashion. It combines European styling with American ingenuity. This 3 button navy blue blazer comes in a worsted wool blend, with a silky gold lining. It offers 14 hidden pockets, a Personal Area Network and an abundance of features designed to make your life easier. Imagine what would happen if Giorgio Armani and Bill Gates were stranded on a desert island, and you’ll have a good idea of what the TEC Sport Jacket offers.

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