The 2% Problem

StressedI recenly read that no matter what the task at least 2% of the people assigned the task will mess it up. (I’m thinking the 2% number is a bit low ? 🙂 ) That is, no matter how well the task is explained no matter how good the instructions, there will still be some people who will do it wrong.

If you accept this truth you have two options, eliminate the clueless or work around them.

As a typical dentist with a small staff you can replace anyone who is not able to do the assigned tasks. As an aside; in the cloud/silver lining department; 10% plus unemployment is bad for society and a disaster for those who lose their jobs, but as an employer high unemployment makes it a lot easier to find good qualified team members.

As a large scale producer of a business resource such as Eaglesoft or Dentrix you will inevitably have users who are incapable of using your product. For example Dentrix has over 25,000 users; 2% = 500. That is a lot of people messing up. According to the 2% rule there is no way Dentrix (or any other software developer) can make a product that some people can’t screw up.

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