The 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting Surpasses All Goals

I was there as part of the Pride Institute Technology Fair.

Defies the Economy’s Skeptics and
Achieves Another Successful Event

Total registration was enormous and Dentists appeared in waves to continue to make the Greater New York Dental Meeting the largest and best dental products and technology buying event and educational forum of its kind in the United States.  Total registration in 2009 was  a record breaking 59,166.  While we welcomed 17,710 Dentists in 2008, this year we registered 19,488 of our colleagues, an increase of 10%.  International registration grew from 4,889 individuals in 2008 to 5,705  in 2009, a rise of 16%.  Attendees traveled from 124 countries.  Even in this challenging economy, the organization committee planned an event  which proved to be successful for all dental professionals and the entire  dental trade.

The 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting.

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