The best take yet on Facebook and privacy

The link below is to Jeff Jarvis’ Blog…Buzz Machine. Jarvis is best known for the book “What would Google do?”¬†He has a well thought out essay on Facebook and the problems¬† regarding privacy. Jarvis notes that most of the issues have been self inflicted and stem as much from inconsistent management as from the actual issue. The result movements like this one “Quit Facebook Day”.

If you are a Facebook user but concerned about privacy or for that matter if you are just curious about the changes society is facing regarding the Internet and social media this is a good read.

Keep in mind, privacy issues are not confined to social media. They are a huge issue with EDR (Electronic Dental Records) and how we decide as a society ro address these issues will have a direct effect on our use of information technology in dentistry.

If Facebook were smart and open and meant what it said about the benefits of publicness and transparency that it now expects of the rest of us, then:

via BuzzMachine.

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