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The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Going Digital

From the American Express Open Forum:

A new report by Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business finds that the companies that are most successful at going digital have 26 percent higher profitability, and are more succesful across a variety of other areas, regardless of industry.

via The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Going Digital – OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN Forum.

Absolutely read the whole thing. I found this especially relevant to dentistry,

The best way I can express it is it was the difference between sticking a technology in an existing process, substitution if you will, versus really transforming the process with the power of what the technology can do. And the gains were an order of magnitude different.

In dentistry “Going Digital” usually refers to getting digital radiography. However there is a whole lot more to digital technology. When we just kick at technology applying different systems piecemeal the results are limited. The greatest gains from using technology come from totally remaking our processes to digital formats.

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