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The first rule of web design

 Tell me where to click.

Just about every web page is designed to cause me to connect, to buy, to approve, to move to the next step. Okay, great. Where is the button to do that?

via Seth’s Blog.

Follow the link to Seth Godin’s blog for the full article with several bad examples.

More often than not dental websites fail this basic rule. The patient or potential patient has landed on your website for a specific purpose. Make it easy for them to click the right button and take the next step.

Often all the web surfer wants is a phone number or address yet many dental web pages hide the number and fail to have the address on the home page. New patient’s number one click is “about the dentist” yet this is often hard to find buried under less than descriptive buttons like “Our Team” or “About Us”.

Ask yourself the basic question (or better yet ask your patients) why has someone landed on this page? Then make the next step easy.

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