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The Healthcare “Industry”

Francine Hardaway is a remarkable person with unusual insights into the developing hi tech business world. She writes a weekly e-column. the latest edition is here Stealthmode Partners:

at some time in our lives we
will all be customers of the health care industry. And yes, much as we like
to think of nuns running hospitals and Marcus Welby making house calls,
health care is an industry, becoming more so every day.

Read the whole article for some interesting insights into the conflicting desires and expectations of people when it comes to healthcare; for example:

if you are a patient, somebody’s cost containment is your decreased access to care. Health care is an industry that is putting out a luxury, high end product very few of us are able to afford…Market discipline and market models applied to health care often conflict with the traditional mission of keeping everyone alive and well for as long as possible.

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